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Friday March 27 March 27, 2009

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The girls eating breakfast

The girls eating breakfast

Another busy week. Not much gardening done as the weather has been too variable- either too cold, too windy or both! We have been looking after our neighbour’s hens – whilst they were on holiday. It’s been great! We’ve had eggs for breakfast, tea and lunch and we ‘ve been able to give some to our lovely Lletty Cottage visitors.





Now we have to decide whether we should get some chooks. We’ve been reading up about it all on the internet – there are lots of issues to think about! We are at home all the time so we would be able to care for them properly- keep reading posts for update on our decision!


The  pair of Canada Geese are definitely making a nest on the island and every time we go and look they lay their heads flat along the surface of the water- trying to hide- which is rather difficult when they are quite large.


A beautiful pair of nuthatches are house hunting and they have inspected the nest box on the workshop wall about  fifty times. At every visit they make the hole a little larger- fingers crossed they ‘ll decide to stay and nest.


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