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Wednesday June 3 June 3, 2009

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Just recovering from Strimmer’s Rash! Warning do not kneel on freshly cut grass with your shorts on whilst doing the gardening…as 48 hours later you may look as though you have chicken pox all over your legs!! I have certainly learnt my lesson..apparently this rash   can appear on arms and legs when people have been strimming their grass as the sap from the grass enters their skin causing the rash- wrap up well!

Anyway far more important things. We have two Jays regularly visiting the bird table eating the nuts on the ground.


Bit bleary as I took pic through the window.

We also had many Painted Lady butterflies visit on Saturday..they covered our osteospermum  but only one left on Sunday!



The sheep and lambs are back on the pond field. The main field has been fertilised and is growing well and hay will be taken off it next month.


Nesting birds are everywhere- these are ones we know about:

House sparrow in nest box on workshop

Great tit in nest box on workshop

Wren in wood shed

Swallows in woodshed

Swifts under eaves


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