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Thursday August 6th August 6, 2009

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It must be the sunshine…so many new things are happening. The lovely farmer has brought the lambs and ewes back. On the first night there was a great deal of bleating as the lambs had just been separated from their mums but they have settled in now and just getting on with their most important  job…eating all the grass!

I’ve dug up most of the potatoes, onions and garlic as they were all getting  a bit soggy….the dried potatoes are now hanging up in a sack and the onions etc are hanging up to dry. The broad beans have finished and the peas  will be finished soon…well they will be at the rate we are enjoying them!


The veg plot ready for planting leeks and purple sprouting broc!  The lambs are in the pond field beyond.


Yesterday the farmer began hay making..two tractors and cutters mowed the field ( about 5 acres) in 18 minutes. As soon as they started the Kites arrived looking for their lunch.

Jim took all these photos of kites:IMG_5433




Last evening the hay was all in neat rows  up and down the field and the air was full  and heavy with the sweet smell of hay.


Today the farmer has been back many times with his tractor to turn the hay over  to dry it all out. Fingers crossed the sun shines over the next few days so the hay can be baled…if it rains it will just be silage!

We are helping  looking after our friend’s chickens again so we have lots of lovely free range eggs  to eat and give to visitors to Lletty Cottage.


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