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The Frog Spawn has arrived- March 5 March 5, 2010

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Nearly a month late..at last we have some frog spawn in the lower pond!  The weather is still holding everything up. The last few days we have had a sharp frost in the morning but by the afternoon everything has warmed up and the sun is shining ,the birds are looking to make nests and the flowers are trying their best to peep through!

Frog spawn in the lower pond making a beautiful pattern

Brave heather and primrose in flower


Crocus under the hebe tree


Snowdrops on the drive


Burning the pampas grass


Hope I haven’t overcooked it!!

 Jim has bought a new trailer this week -so we can collect more logs for our new kitchen stove- but first this weekend I want to  have a garden  Springclean and take it all  the old pots etc. to the recycling centre..I expect Jim will have other ideas!


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