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March 6 The Canada Geese are back March 6, 2010

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Frog spawn and now the Canada Geese are back..it really is Spring! The four Geese on the pond this morning (with two Mallards) must be the four  goslings now grown up  from last year.  The Mallards fly off as soon as you approach the pond but the Canada geese seem to be braver..maybe because there are four of them and that gives them four times the confidence.

The sheep looks as surprised as we did when we saw the geese!

After our lovely visitors left this morning we went into Llangadog to buy our newspaper. The road through the village was all dug up  ready for  the  new tarmac next week.

This afternoon I have removed the moss from the drive (well some of it) and cleared out all the debris under the hedge, burnt the pampas grass in the front  border and with Jim’s help strimmed all the hedge around the cottage garden. Needless to say I can hardly move now!


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