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April 18 The Swallows are back! April 18, 2010

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At last the swallows have returned..they have just done a fly past and swooped off again-hope they nest in the wood shed again!

I’m in the middle of creating a bog garden- a very small one- on the front lawn! Parts of our lawn tend to get very wet  and with a clay soil the water just pools and then the frogs lay their frog spawn and then the puddle dries out and then I have to try to catch all the tadpoles and take them to the large pond! So the wet area is being dug out and then I shall put a liner down and fill the space with soil and plant the correct plants…well- that’s the theory!

Site of new bog garden on front lawn

Marsh Marigold flowering in pond

Water snails in pond-hundreds of them!

Newt in pond

Canada Goose still sitting on her nest on the island


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