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May 22 Happy in the garden May 22, 2010

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What a wonderful day…it’s been bliss to be out in the garden with the swifts screaming overhead, the swallows swooping  in and out of the woodshed deciding where to build their nests and best of all  the sun shining all day!

Having a rest on the power line!

The sheep are now off the field and the farmer has been with his tractor and trailer to fertilize the field to encourage the  grass growth so he can take as much hay from it in the summer as possible. The sheep are now in the next field but still use our pond field.

Cooling off under the trees

 All the  grass has been cut today   except in our orchard. The orchard is only a small area  overlooking the pond field but we are growing   a few  apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. Hopefully, we will grow enough Bramley apples to keep us stocked up for a few weeks. At the shop today three Bramley apples  cost £2 – just to make us an apple pie..so I’d better try hard to make it tasty!

Looking from the orchard to the pond field


Looking from the orchard up the field


 The bog garden now some some plants in it but the rabbits have dug up some of them already!

Looking towards the Brecon Beacons from the bog garden on the front lawn


The garden has been filled with the scent from our lilac trees today. They have flowered really well this year and have not succumbed to the killer frost like so many of our plants have done. This week we have taken out a Bay bush, cut our 12 ft Bay tree down to bush size – in the hope of restoring it, cut down a Hebe ‘tree’  but left two others with our fingers crossed to see if they spark back to life!

The lilac trees in the front garden next to our fast growing monkey tree

Our seat under the yew tree for cooling off out of the sunshine

View from front garden over the pond field to the hills beyond


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