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July 19 Walk up to Llyn Y Fan Fach and Bannau Sir Gaer July 20, 2010

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What a way to start a week..a fantastic walk up to Llyn Y Fan Fach and beyond  in the Brecon Beacons. Just twenty minutes drive away from Lletty Cottage one gets to Llanddeusant where the walk begins.

On the way up to Llyn Y Fan. Right in the background is the 'hill' that we walked to the top of

We arrived at the lake and looked up to where we were going to walk next...it looked very far away and high!

 Jim looking to see if he can see The Lady in the Lake!

The Legend of  Lady of the Lake  at  Llyn-y-Fan Fach, near Llanddeusant in Dyfed.

One day, a young man was tending the family’s sheep by the shore of the lake, when three beautiful, identical maidens arose from the water. After a moment of surprise he greeted them politely, and they fell into conversation. The girls began dancing and singing and, when one paused to tie her shoelace, he asked her to marry him (as you do in such circumstances). Although she rejected his offer, before disappearing back into the lake, she promised that all three would return in one year’s time, and, if he could tell her apart from her sisters, then she would be his wife.

A year later, the maidens reappeared as promised, accompanied by their father. The young man noticed that one girl had an untied shoelace, and identified her correctly. The father agreed to the marriage, offering a dowry of ‘as many sheep, cows, goats, and horses as you can count in a single breath’, and warning that if her husband struck her three times, or touched her once with iron, ‘she will return to me and bring in her wake all she possesses’.

The couple were married, lived happily for many years near the village of Myddfai, and were blessed with three sons. Unfortunately, twice her husband struck her in anger and, though vowing never to do so, one day accidentally touched her with iron, as they were harnessing some horses to a plough. The wife immediately turned away and headed towards the lake, followed by all her animals. Even the horses that were harnessed to the plough followed her, leaving a deep furrow all the way to the lake.

Her husband went after her, but was drowned in the deep waters. When her sons followed the furrow to the lakeside, their mother rose from the water, and told the eldest, Rhiwallon, that he must become a physician, and ‘give relief from pain and misery by healing all manner of diseases’. It is said that all the renowned physicians of Myddfai are descended from Rhiwallon and his sons.

(copied from BBC)

At the bottom of the Fan

Jim at the top of the Fan

Fantastic views over Carmarthenshire- it was very windy on the top!

Just wish Jim wouldn't stand so near the edge...must be a man thing!


Our visitors in Lletty Cottage this week are keen cyclists so they spent their day at Brecha Forest…so everyone is tired now but very satisfied and happy!

 (All this 20 minutes from Lletty Cottage)

Gorlech Mountain Bike Trail

 The first in a series of three dedicated mountain bike trails has opened at Brechfa Forest, near Carmarthen. The opening of the technically challenging Gorlech Trail is part of a long-term regeneration partnership project between Forestry Commission Wales, Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government (supported and funded by the European Objective 1 programme) which aims to establish Brechfa Forest as a premier mountain biking destination in Wales.

 The  purpose-built Gorlech mountain bike trail is 20km long and takes riders over a wide variety of terrain, incorporating existing forest track with sections of technical singletrack which features drops, tabletops, berms and off-camber sections that have been carefully designed by Rowan Sorrell (accomplished rider and trial designer) to maximise the contours of Brechfa Forest. The second mountain bike trail at Brechfa, set to open later this year, promises to offer families and novices an introduction to the popular sport of mountain biking.

 The Gorlech Trail takes in three challenging climbs of up to 2000m where bikers can take in the stunning views that lie beneath, and rewards riders with plummeting descents through larch, oak and beech trees down the deeply cut Gorlech river valley. Rowan explains, “The sheer scale of Brechfa Forest makes for longer trails, something that no other mountain biking centre in Wales has to offer.”

 CTC Rating: We took a trip down to the Brechfa preview day and took a spin out round the trails. Getting straight to the point, it’s well worth a trip. The climbs are tough but the descents make the effort worthwhile. Some stunning scenery and well engineered trail put Brechfa right up there with the best of the Welsh trails centres. Roller coaster downhills and plenty of air time: need we say more! IW

Directions: Abergorlech is a small village located next to Brechfa Forest on the B4310 road. Follow the A482 between Lampeter and Llandovery until the turn off for Llansawel (B4302). Once in Llansawel follow signs for Abergorlech.

For more information click on over to www.mbwales.com


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