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December 19 Winter Wonderland December 19, 2010

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Looking on the bright side…everywhere looks beautiful covered over with glistening gleaming snow – even our scaffolding around the roof took on an elegant shape when all the poles and planks were coated in snow. Now the scaffolding has been taken down , the snow filled skip has been removed and we should be back to normal….but we hadn’t anticipated so much snow and ice!! We’ve had frozen pipes,  ice covered roads and very expensive oil delivered for our tank. Good job we’ve a 4×4 or else we wouldn’t be able to drive down to the A40 and go to our wonderful local store to get essentials. No papers though…papers haven’t been delivered to this area at all as the delivery lorries can’t get through!  All this doesn’t mean to say that we are staying at home and struggling…no – we’ve been out and about enjoying long walks up the local roads and highways  and down to Aber Marlais estate.

Jim walking down the lane to visit a neighbour

Walking through the local woods

All the sheep followed us hoping we had some feed

Walking through the Aber Marlais estate- crossing the bridge was a bit tricky with all the ice!

Nearly home

The front garden looks so pretty as we arrive home tired out and ready for a coffee!

My Christmas shopping has been put on hold  until we can find out what the weather has in store. Our family should be returning home for the holiday but travelling might be tricky so we’ll have to wait and see. 

Best wishes to you all for a good week of  planning, shopping and preparing…it’s such an exciting time of the year…enjoy it all…even the snow!


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