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January 18 Flora Reflections and Repairs January 18, 2011

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What a difference a week makes! Although still on the chilly side the sun is out and everywhere is drying up slowly  but steadily  and there are definite signs of Spring. The daffodils  are  beginning  to push through the  soil and poke through all the dead leaves left over from the autumn, snowdrops are not far behind and already in glorious flower are the hellebores.

Hellebores in the front garden

Hellebore...look at the blue sky today!

Plant container still managing to add colour in the garden after all the cold and wet

Witch Hazel in flower

Witch Hazel in flower


Glorious greens in the fir tree

The bog garden has turned into a pond!


The marvellous heathers that add that spark of colour even on a dismal day


Today’s sun, shadows and reflections

Looking over our pond field onto our neighbour's field


Our lovely new neighbours have chickens and already the chickens have produced some huge tasty eggs- I can’t stop eating scrambled egg when the eggs are so fresh and bright yellow…very Springlike!

Not so lovely is our roof! We thought we had finished with the repairs and all the scaffolding was taken down and then it rained and rained  and the rain came in again- in a different place- so the wonderful builders are back and doing more hard work.

The builder repointing the chimney and putting up the new chimney pot- which was mine for using as a plant holder for begonias in the summer but Jim needed it for the chimney...needs must and it does look rather stylish !

 Driving into Llandovery this morning through the fog – I do a very tiny period  of teaching in Llandovery College- I could see some lambs on the hillside…so Spring is here!

Spring primrose


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