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February 14 Stars in Your Eyes! Happy Valentine’s day February 14, 2011

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Hope you had a great St Valentine’s Day. We went to Carmarthen and had a toasted Hot Cross Bun in shape of heart and covered in strawberry jam…very romantic!

This week though we have had stars in our eyes…we went for an evening visit to the Botanic Garden where  Swansea Astronomical Society  www.swanastro.org.uk   had a Star Evening ! You’ve guessed it it rained so no stars to see in sky but lots of telescopes to examine  and discuss. We have a telescope and it’s fantastic to see  the Milky Way overhead…it’s another wonderful thing about living in the country… the dark skies and the twinkling stars!

One of the telescopes demonstrating how to take photos



In the marquee

Hopefully we will have some clear skies  soon so visitors to Lletty Cottage can enjoy a look at the moon through  our telescope!

The Night Sky copied from the Swansea Astronomical website

Current Night Sky

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