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February 2011 Happy Birthday Blog! February 14, 2011

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Well where did last year go! Another year for the Lletty Cottage Blog. It’s great looking back at all the previous blogs and seeing some of the things that we have done over the year. It is also a great reference for checking  dates when things happened.  Lately – if you are a follower of this blog – you will know that we have had work done on the roof-  the builders were fantastic but the trouble with roofs and rain is that once you mend one leak another appears!

Up on the roof the builders check the new chimney pot

Jim's photo of the pond from the roof

 Anyway the good news is that after all the rain this last week the drips seemed to have stopped and the house is dry again.

Lletty CoTtage is being spruced up for the Spring and for the first visitors of the year. Everywhere has been painted… a very pleasant colour from Laura Ashley…Pale Linen. The previous colour Parchment has been discontinued! We seem to have problems with buying things that are then discontinued…we are seeking an Ikea Leksvik Bookcase at the moment because we need to replace the one we had ( long story I won’t bore you!). We hoped we had ‘won’ one last night on Ebay in Bristol but someone got it in last second! So if you want to sell one we’ll buy it  as long it’s  in South Wales  or as far as Bristol!

WANTED  : Ikea Leksvik Bookcase!


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