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March 2nd The Return of the Frog Spawn! March 2, 2011

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Last night the air was full of the sound of croaking frogs as they made their way to the pond to lay even more frog spawn! The first sighting of spawn came about a week ago when we found some in the bog garden…which is now a fully grown small pond…after all the rain we have had! I had to load the spawn all up in a bucket…not an easy job…it’s very slippeeeeery…and move it all to the large pond before the small pond dries up in the sunshine! Yes we have sunshine here..absolutely clear blue skies and  freezing cold! Anyway we now have so much in the ponds it is unbelievable . Do Canada Geese eat spawn? They seem to be standing right in it!

Frog spawn everywhere!


Even more !!!

Overhead watching all this was a fine Red Kite…my photo doesn’t do the colour and size of it any justice  but it was wonderful just to watch it swooping and wheeling around.

Far too small to see...but it is there...honest!


Primroses in the garden ...prettier than frog spawn ..to end this post!


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