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April 2 Art Exhibitions, Duckfest and Spring Garden April 2, 2011

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Last evening we enjoyed a visit to Aberglasney  Gardens to see the exhibition of paintings of landscapes, wildlife and light by David Cowdry. It’s the first art exhibition of the season and it was brilliant.

David Cowdry Private View Invitation. exhibition on April 2-7

The guests in the cottage visited the Gardens today and said that they were amazed at the wonderful paintings.

It’s also been all go in the garden today…lovely sunshine to do some gardening and some bird watching too!

On the island in the pond the Canada  Goose has made her nest, the moorhens look busy as well as though they are nesting in the reeds, the heron is eating all the frogs and this afternoon a Mallard flew in but the Canada goose had a hissy fit and it flew off again!

Canada Goose on nest lying flat down and the moorhen swimming by

Mallard dropping in for a look round

Magnolia Stellata in bloom- first year to flower so profusely

Spring border by Lletty Cottage front door

Spring flowers under Silver Birch


Hellebores and pom poms!

Tomorrow the forecast is good again so some more gardening after my visit to Aberglasney and  some more photos  for art…a tree trunk with flowers underneath …plenty of those around..but finding one that I like is a different story!


2 Responses to “April 2 Art Exhibitions, Duckfest and Spring Garden”

  1. You should find lots inspiration for your art on your doorstep! Dave Cowdry did really well and sold well over twenty of his paintings. He is willing to do another oil painting demonstration for tha class in May. Hooray!

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Wendy. Inspiration I might get but now it’s talent I’m looking for! Visited Aberglasney over the weekend and saw your wonderful paintings in the new exhibition there. Hope it goes well for you.

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