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April 27 Look who’s arrived today! April 27, 2011

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We can count six goslings

The Canada Geese family are enjoying the sunshine
The chicks are too far away to take a decent photo and if we try to get closer they hide in the reeds
This morning the moorhen chicks came out of the reeds.
The goslings are walking all over Pond Field

As you can see we are enjoying a real bird fest at the moment. The swallows are looking to make their nests and have already swooped into our entrance hall and kitchen! Hopefully they’ll remember where the wood shed is and nest again there! Sparrows are everywhere in the nest boxes on the workshop wall and nesting  under every gutter and in every hole around the place. All the blue tits seemed to have disappeared though…so our peanut feeders are staying fuller for longer. The niger seed is still being gobbled up by goldfinches, greenfinches, siskin and a silly woodpecker!  It all gives us a breather in paying out for the bird food…we’ve been spending a small fortune on peanuts and seeds so hopefully our teasels will grow and the birds will eat those seeds and all the other seeds in the garden!!