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May 4 Be With You and Llangadog Sheep Trials May 4, 2011

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Sunny day on Saturday to enjoy watching the sheepdog trials in Llangadog. So many entries…lots of dogs, farmers, people…love people watching!

The dogs were wonderful guiding the sheep into the pens


The sheepdog had brought the sheep all the way down the hill and now had to contain them in an area marked on the grass


The sheep were released at the top of the hill and the sheepdogs were sent all the way up the hill to collect the sheep and bring them back down the hill through the gates and back to the farmer


Everyone watched quietly as the dogs did their work


Many dogs and owners watching the trials


Just completed the course and a proud owner and sheepdog leave the field


When we returned home from the Trials on Saturday sadly three of the Canada goslings were gone! Maybe a fox had come or some other predator...but we still have three lovely goslings to look at and five moorhen chicks



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