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May 18 Fair Trade Products in Cottage May 19, 2011

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A few weeks ago  we received a mail  from Fair Trade Wales. They were offering accommodation providers free examples of  Fair Trade products. We duly accepted their kind offer and requested a pack. The package  arrived full of Fair Trade goodies, coffee, sugar, teas and extra delicious chocolate!

We put the products in the cottage for all visitors to enjoy. On arrival in the cottage we show all visitors the cottage facilities and now add on to the end of this explanatory session a chat about the  Fair Trade products that we have for their use.

Some of the Free Trade products on the shelf in the cottage kitchen
Everyone agrees that the products are delicious and  it’s great to know that everyone producing, selling and eating the products are all being treated fairly..it’s a win -win situation. Hooray for fair Trade Wales!

One Response to “May 18 Fair Trade Products in Cottage”

  1. Richard Rees Llanwrda Says:

    What a brilliant site.
    All the best


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