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June 1 New Sheep have Arrived and Plants come into Bloom June 1, 2011

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He’s so lordly!Nine ram sheep have now taken up residency in our Pond Field.
They are huge and just great big eating machines. They all stay in a flock and move …very slowly…around the field munching away and sounding just like a low powered engine…munch, munch, munch!  They are very easy to distinguish one from another as their faces  have   very distinctive features…we haven’t got round to naming them all yet ….but we will!

After eating there's a lot of sleeping and snoring that goes on!


Climbing rose growing from dustbin up the front of our house!

As well as sheep in the field there is a great deal of activity going on around the rest of the garden
….flowers are blooming now that we’ve had a spot of rain and everywhere looks fresh, green and colourful.

Roses are amazing......root is in a dustbin!

Outside Lletty Cottage front door under the Yew


Ragged Robin growing amongst the Hellebores in front garden


View of house from behind bog garden


Back border with view up the field

The field  is a hive of activity with the swallows, house martins, swifts and many other birds enjoying swooping down and around to catch all the insects that are feeding on the hay meadow. The meadow is beautiful…it is full of yellow rattle, buttercup, clover and lots of different plants and species…it is alive!

My veg patch is doing well too...fantastic Chinese veg...Chines cabbage, broccoli and Pak Choi


Rest of patch coming along, peas, broad beans, swiss chard, parsnip and mixed herbs


Poppy in front garden..only at this time of year do visitors get a poppy from the garden in a vase in their bedroom- to match the poppy theme!


 Visitors to the cottage this year have all said that they have loved the cottage and this area as there is so much to see and do.  We are delighted that we have taken several re-bookings already.

These dates only are available now:

July 9-16

August 13-20

August 27- September 3

September 3-10

September 17 onwards

We’d love to welcome old friends back to Lletty Cottage and welcome new visitors to see this beautiful area.


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