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September 19 Happenings September 19, 2011

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New stone arch over window


Can you believe it- I thought being retired would bring loads of time to do lots of relaxing things…but no …life is busier than ever…it’s all go! 

 At the present we have just said goodbye to lovely visitors to the cottage from Holland-  and we have said ‘hello’ to new visitors from Australia..it is such fun meeting all these great people. As a couple we do not travel far from home – just off occasionally to have a family get together somewhere over into England! All our visitors are so interesting to meet and we really enjoy hearing all about their travels and the exciting visits they make to all parts of the world!

We , however, are busy in another way at the present…we are having some renovations to the front of the house.

 The stone  mason has  filled in a blocked up door area with ‘new’ stone and put a new stone lintel over a window- it all looks very smart!

Maisie enjoying the September sunshine


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