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June 9 Talley Village Open Gardens Day June 9, 2012

Hooray…the sun was out all day…what a change after all the rain. Although it had been wet for most of the week our cottagers had enjoyed their stay and visited many local places…pity that St David’s Cathedral was closed  to visitors on the day they visited -they were recording a TV programme!

Today we went to Talley…such a lovely place and just down the road- many of the gardens were open to visitors so it’s a good chance to look around and get some new ideas.

Not a garden but a lovely shed…I love sheds!


Another lovely garden building set in a beautiful garden overlooking the abbey


This lovely garden had two ponds, beautiful shrubs and trees and lots of animals- a proper smallholding and all overlooking the abbey.



I’ve always wanted a garden train and this one in a garden was just perfect




This garden was wonderful full of different plants, shrubs and trees and winding paths through all the foliage and shrubs…magical!



Up the garden path!




What a gaggle!

Another fabulous garden, another brilliant garden building…I want one!


Lovely creative garden with bee hives- which swarmed when we were there! Bought jar of honey…just had tea …honey on crumpets…perfect end to the day!


Last garden on visit was secluded,charming and romantic and very relaxing.

 Every garden was different but beautiful and all of them showing how hard people work to create lovely outdoor spaces.

Now it’s back to our garden to prepare for Llansadwrn Village Open Gardens Day on July 21st…so many new ideas from gardens seen today….but first it’s out with the lawn mower as the grass has grown about a foot in a week with all the rain !


One Response to “June 9 Talley Village Open Gardens Day”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Thanks for sharing that …especially like the beehives! Hope to visit Llansadwrn in July.

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