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September 23 Autumn Sunshine in the Garden…at last! September 23, 2012

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The sun came out last week and what a difference it made…the butterflies, birds and bees were everywhere to be seen and heard. We had a flock  of long tailed tits swooping and singing through the garden…they are so pretty and noisy…. wonder what  the collective noun for long tailed tits is ??

The Virginia Creeper is in full glowing red and gorgeous autumn hues  and looks wonderful  …it is still blocking out all the light into our living room but I will not cut it down….just yet!





The house and the cottage (Lletty Cottage door on left) looked happy in the sunshine…made me go and clean all the windows  when I saw how grubby they looked with the sun shining through!


The roses haven’t had a very good year with black spot, greeny things on them and petals falling off rather sad looking but in the sunshine it’s all perked up and they are blooming!



Pity it rained again today…I was just getting used to the sunhine!


One Response to “September 23 Autumn Sunshine in the Garden…at last!”

  1. Marie Says:

    Wonderful photographs of the butterflies and roses. The sunshine was so short lived!

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