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November 23 Waxwings in Garden November 23, 2012

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After a dreadful day yesterday when there was torrential rain, blowy winds  and a frost overnight…it was time for action! A quick shop at the Coop and then a tidy up of the garden.

I will have to write another blog shortly about shopping ….we have hardly any choice around here the main supermarket   in Llandovery and Llandeilo is the Cooperative. This means there is no competition and no variety of choice. So when Sainsbury’s applied to build a shop in Llandeilo I thought my prayers had been answered. But NO!¬ This week  Sainsbury’s have decided to pull out…how sad!  We do need another supermarket around here….maybe other firms like Lidl, Aldi, Morrisons even Tesco  may fill the slot…hope so!

Anyway back to  today. When I returned from shopping there in the garden sitting on the bush by the back door eating berries off the branches were two WAXWINGS! I’ve never seen them before so I was very excited.  They are beautiful birds and very easy to recognise as they are quite colourful with a striking plume off their heads. Photos aren’t great but at least I have a record of their visit to Lletty Cottage.

Jim looking through the binoculars at the waxwings on the wires


2 Responses to “November 23 Waxwings in Garden”

  1. Marie Says:

    How lucky you are to have waxwings visiting your garden and they are beautiful birds.

  2. Wendy Powell-Jones Says:

    How wonderful….hope they drop by here!

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