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January 16 Snowing Outside January 16, 2013

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Cynghordy Viaduct

Cynghordy Viaduct

Just peeped out the window to see the first fall of snow this year. I like the snow when it is clean, fresh and white and one has time to play in it and make a snowman! I don’t like it when it snows and stops you doing something that you are really looking forward to! Tomorrow we are having a Painting Day at Gelli Aur with Wendy Powell-Jones and I shall be very annoyed if the snow sticks and I can’t drive to the session.
On a brighter note we have received a booking for the cottage from special friends who now return year after year…that’s one of the great things about having a holiday cottage you meet such lovely people. Anyway they have sent us two wonderful photographs from their holiday here last year….makes one long for the summer sun and the blue skies.


Llyn Brianne

Llyn Brianne


It’s still snowing!  For Christmas our son gave Jim a kit   to help make a snowman : a plastic carrot and six buttons…looks like we’ll have the smartest snowman around!


One Response to “January 16 Snowing Outside”

  1. Marie Says:

    Enjoyed reading your comments about the snow. I must go out and buy myself a snowman making kit. See you at GelliAur this morning. I will probably see you before you read this

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