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February 9 Richard 111 and our Bosworth Stone February 9, 2013

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The papers have been full this last week with the exciting news that the body dug up in a Leicester carpark is that of Richard 111. I’ve watched the programmes all about the ‘dig’  and read all the articles in the papers and been amazed by it all.

Now we too have a connection with Richard 111 and Bosworth…it might be a slim link but it is  a link.  This  stone is on the A40 just down the road from Lletty Cottage at the entrance to Abermarlais Park. There are footpaths through the park and at this time of year there are wide expanses of snowdrops sweeping over the banks by the river Marlais  for all to enjoy.

The monolith  is locally called The Bosworth Stone as it was allegedly brought home from Bosworth Field by Sir Rhys ap Thomas  as a souvenir when Henry Tudor defeated Richard 111!  However,  other sources have other ideas as written below.

The Bosworth Stone The Bosworth Stone

from www.geograph.org.uk

” This massive stone, 9ft high and known as ‘Y Garreg Fawr’ (trans. The Big Stone’) or The Abermarlais Stone, stands at the main entrance to Abermarlais Mansion (the house was demolished in 1982 after a disastrous fire in 1980). Originally the stone was located within the park grounds and was upended by Sir Rhys ap Thomas shortly after 1485 to commemorate Henry Tudor’s victory at the Battle of Bosworth. Apparently the stone was moved to its present position in 1840. “




Nobody really knows  the true story behind The Bosworth Stone ….maybe they should dig it up and see if there are any bones hidden beneath…now that would be good!


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  1. Marie Says:

    Excellent research and extremely interesting

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