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February 9 The Canada Geese are back & Crab Apple Trees Planted February 9, 2013

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Woken up early this morning by  honking sounds outside! (I did look it up to find if there was another word for the sound that geese make but  it was either honking or quacking!) However, I did find this out from Wikipedia:

The term goose applies to the female in particular while gander applies to the male in particular. Young birds before fledging are called goslings.[1] The collective noun for group of geese on the ground is a gaggle; when in flight, they are called a skein, a team or a wedge; when flying close together, they are called a plump.[3]

I did not know about the word ‘skein’ or ‘plump’….you learn something every day!

Anyway,  the sounds were made by three Canada Geese flying in and landing on our pond. Hopefully, they will stay and start to build a nest on the little island, as they have done in previous years.

Three on a bridge

Three on a bridge


Our solitary moorhen is delighted to have company again and has swum right up and inbetween the geese all morning. Do hope that another moorhen flies in soon!

The lovely  farmer brought the sheep back on to the fields this week too. There are about 30 ewes and they  have been scanned  and they are all expecting one lamb …due mid March…how exciting is that!

This week I’ve also planted 4 crab apple trees.  I bought them online from a wonderful firm www.selections.com  . The trees were very reasonably priced and of excellent quality- so I’m very pleased. I have planted them on the verge of our entrance drive. So hopefully all visitors  to the cottage in the Spring will be welcomed by the  sight of crab apple blossom and  later in the year will see all the different coloured crab apples.  The crab apples will also be food for the birds in the winter  and maybe our lovely neighbour will use  some to make crab apple  jelly (she’s so talented ) so all in all a brilliant buy !


One Response to “February 9 The Canada Geese are back & Crab Apple Trees Planted”

  1. Marie Says:

    How lucky you are to have Canada geese in your back yard!
    Hope your crab apple trees do well

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