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March 8th Mallard joins Canada Geese on Pond March 8, 2013

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A mallard has now joined the two Canada Geese on the pond. The moorhen is chuffed to bits that he/she has now more friends that he/she could have possibly  hoped for!

One of the Canada Geese has obviously  found another home as now there are only two. We have cleared a space on the island , just like last year, so the Canada Goose can settled down and make her nest. Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand our motives and has decided to make her nest on the bank, just where all the sheep walk pass and where she is likely to become a target for the fox!  We shall try to move her on this afternoon.


The Mallard is very interested in her  nesting techniques and has settled down beside her!




Latest  news: the moorhen is chasing off the Mallard and having a right old fight. The Geese aren’t taking sides…just watching and refereeing! It’s all go!


One Response to “March 8th Mallard joins Canada Geese on Pond”

  1. Marie Says:

    Its a real joy to read about your growing family of birds and to look at your photographs. You lucky lucky thing!!

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