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March 30 Our ‘Singles’ Garden March 30, 2013

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In our garden we are lucky to have a pond. On the pond we have two Canada Geese, who as yet,  have not decided to settle down and make a nest. They are acting very singularly!  

Also on the pond we have a moorhen. This moorhen has been there all through the long winter months alone and one can tell he/she is looking for  a partner.

Recently along came a single  male mallard.  The moorhen was delighted but was soon told by the male mallard that he wasn’t interested in a lone moorhen he just wants a female mallard to drop in.

Now we have a single pheasant in the garden. He too is looking for a partner…but not very quietly! He is a very handsome chap and has completely taken over all the garden and bird feeders…even Maisie the cat comes in when he’s around.



All singles are welcome into our garden…..we’ll try to make you all happy!


One Response to “March 30 Our ‘Singles’ Garden”

  1. Marie Says:

    Very interesting and amusing as usual. You should write a book about the escapades in your garden. I am sure it would sell like hot cakes.

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