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May 12 Plastic Greenhouse May 12, 2013

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Not  a very inspiring title…but hey…what can you say about a plastic greenhouse…except it is now my pride and joy!

Goodness knows where I am going to plant all the seeds that I’ve grown and that are now germinating…well they were when we had that wonderful spell of warm weather over the Bank Holiday. Now it has reverted to ‘normal’ -rain, cold and windy, …not sure that many more seeds will want to start growing.




homemade paper pots

homemade paper pots

Sitting outside the greenhouse are two ‘Grow bags’ for the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers I hope to grow…but now I’ve run out of space. I’ll have to get a greenhouse extension!


One Response to “May 12 Plastic Greenhouse”

  1. Marie Says:

    Good work Marianne. Your greenhouse is better than mine. I haven’t got one!! Keep up the good work Marie

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