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May 26 Moon Watching May 26, 2013

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 Now I’m a person who gets particularly cold  even when the sun is shining….so when Jim wants me to do a spot of moon watching or star gazing I want the easy way out! No standing in  the freezing cold garden looking through the telescope…I need to be in the warm in the house with the telescope placed by the open window and me placed on the radiator next to it. Only then can I enjoy and marvel at the sights I see through the telsecope.  So this last week with the full moon in the sky   I have looked with amazement as usual at all the craters  and seas on the moon’s surface.   All this whilst holding my hot water bottle and wrapped up as though I was about to be blasted off into space and down a black hole!






3 Responses to “May 26 Moon Watching”

  1. Hello Marianne,
    Did the moon look red with you? I only discovered on the day, that it was going to be a ‘supermoon’, so made a point of looking for its rise time – with the hills to the South it was quite a bit later than this, so I thought I’d missed it behind cloud/fog and was about to go to bed when it rose, and was a deep rose/red colour! ….will put a pic on my next blog if poss, gradually becoming more yellow as it gained height in the sky. But there’s a link here to a site I found with loads of lovely pics from around the world, and a definition of what a supermoon is, : http://earthsky.org/space/your-best-photos-may-2013-supermoon,
    Best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for leaving this interesting comment Julian. Yes the moon did look red to me! Enjoyed looking at the link too. Some exciting happenings in the night sky later on this year to look forward to …we were at a talk in Greenwich hearing about it all. Keep in touch and good star gazing! Marianne

  2. Marie Says:

    Thank you once again Marianne for your comments and for drawing my attention to the supermoon I clicked on the link that your friend Julian sent and saw some amazing photographs of the supermoon. I have yet to open your other blog Looking forward to that.
    Take care

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