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June 13 2013 Tenby Here We Come- Rain or Shine! June 13, 2013

We have family staying with us on holiday at the moment and we decided that whatever the weather we would go to Tenby today!

Morning didn’t start well….rain….rain and more rain!  But we set off by 10am and I promised everyone that we would see the sunshine sometime during the day  so I didn’t even take a rain coat!

I was regretting that decision when we drove into the empty car park at Laugharne and watched the seagulls taking cover under some boats as the rain was coming down particularly heavily at the time!

Not one to let a spot of wet bother  me I encouraged the family out of the car and made a mad dash up to Dylan Thomas’s house. We enjoyed a  warming coffee and cake before we went back through the quite empty streets to the car.  http://www.dylanthomasboathouse.com/



Next on our day out we left Laugharne and  continued on to Pendine.   Pendine  has a  wonderful Museum of Speed. 

Pendine Museum of Speed

Pendine Museum of Speed

Explore the history of Pendine’s ‘Sands of Speed’ in a dramatic building overlooking the beach.

At the heart of Pendine’s Museum of Speed is the area’s past as a centre for attempts on the land speed record, most notably when it was broken in 1924 by Malcolm Campbell in his V12 Sunbeam Bluebird at an average speed of 146.163 mph.

Campbell was to break the record on three separate occasions on Pendine’s long sandy beach and there were many endeavours to usurp him. In 1927, Parry Thomas was killed trying to beat Campbell’s new record of 175mph.

Pendine Museum of Speed

‘Babs’, the vehicle in which Thomas made this attempt, was excavated and fully restored and now takes pride of place during the summer months among other record breaking vehicles and racing memorabilia. The museum also shows historic motor bikes.  Taken from:




After a quick and windy short walk across the beach we at last headed towards Tenby and SUNSHINE!



The town was buzzing with holiday makers all out enjoying the sun wearing their shorts and T-shirts and  licking icecreams…it’s  like an alternative world! Tenby just over an hour away from home and it’s totally different!



The old lifeboat station newly renovated into a residential property was having all the supports painted quickly before the tide came in!


The new Tenby  life boat station.



See!  I said there would be sunshine at Tenby…Mums are always right!


4 Responses to “June 13 2013 Tenby Here We Come- Rain or Shine!”

  1. Marie Says:

    As ususal I enjoyed reading about your adventures and was so glad that your visitors enjoyed some sunshine. Tenby has some incredible weather unlike any other in the British Isles!

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks Marie. Wish the sunny weather had lasted until today. Just back from Llandovery where it is raining. We’ve been to Llandovery to get some fresh bread, cakes and pies from La Patiserrie…delicious!

  2. Jane Kerr Says:

    Weather has been so unpredictable, so glad Tenby never let you and the family down! Strange but most of the visits we have had to Tenby we have mostly been met with sunshine when we arrived there…..

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