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July 27 Vegetable Plot and Garden July 27, 2013

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Under the sunport

Under the sunport

It’s just started raining…hooray. How often do we say that when rain descends but the garden really needs it and I need a break from all the watering. Last summer the window boxes looked dreadful, the annuals flopped to the ground in a mess and anything left was eaten by the slugs. This year with all the hot dry weather the slugs are still under their stones asleep – well- not all of them but definitely better than last year and the annuals are bright and beautiful.


IMG_8114 DSC09337 DSC09344DSC09343


My veg plot: runner beans, courgettes, sweet corn. kale, broad beans, peas, onion, garlic, parsnips, leeks, red cabbage, swede, carrots…think that’s all! The peas are brilliant this year. I hardly ever get the peas to the table as I eat so many whilst I’m gardening! Growing amongst the veg are cornflowers, sweet peas and calendula…looks pretty and they are supposed to entice the bees. Actually lots of birds  and mice like the veg plot  too!

Still raining so plenty of time to add another photo!



3 Responses to “July 27 Vegetable Plot and Garden”

  1. Wendy Powell-Jones Says:

    What a lovely time we are all having. Lets hope that wasn’t our summer and we get some more.
    If you get chance let me know what you do with kale. Lins bought some and asked me how to cook it but I had no idea.

  2. lletty Says:

    Hi Wendy I use lots of my veg in quiches even my curly kale! The BBC
    Good Food site has lots of recipes that I use …this one is my favourite: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/422620/kale-olive-and-gruyre-tart – one can’t go wrong with a recipe including olives…wish I could grow those – now that would be interesting!
    When I was ‘full’ last week it was because I’d eaten too much the night before! That was a quiche too but my own made up recipe using all the veg now ready from my plot: peas, broad beans, courgettes , handful of mint, half packet ready cooked Puy lentils mixed together and topped with two eggs and milk…I thought it tasty so ate too much!
    Thanks for the comment…enjoy your kale!

  3. Marie Says:

    A wonderful garden which is only achieved by sheer hard work!! Well done Marianne

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