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September 3 Name the Bird Please! September 3, 2013

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Today Jim  found  this little bird  on the floor. It quite happily perched on his hand whilst I took the obligatory photo  then  it flew off leaving a ‘calling card’ on Jim’s hand…hee hee! Not sure what it is though…any ideas?





4 Responses to “September 3 Name the Bird Please!”

  1. jane kerr Says:

    Is it maybe a baby meadow pipit Marianne?
    So cute but shame about the calling card lol
    Jane x

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Jane Thanks for the mail and the idea. I’ll have to go and look up meadow pipit…not one that I know. I think you are right though that it’s a baby something. We have lots of baby birds here at present. I have never seen so many beautiful baby blue tits. They are getting through two large nut feeders and one small one in a day! Please don’t tell Jim how much that is costing me at the pet shop for nuts! Take care x

  2. Hi Marianne, We think it might be a young robin. We have several in the garden at the moment and they are amazingly tame, although we haven’t had one ‘in the hand’ like you and Jim! Best wishes F&J

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Julian and Fiona Thanks for the mail and the idea. We have a number of unidentifiable birds in the garden at the present and as you say they may be the young ones. We still have baby swifts in their nest above our bedroom in the roof -still squawking for food all the time! Best wishes

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