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November 17 Lampeter Trees -Our Beech Tree November 17, 2013

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We have 25 wonderful mature trees on the perimeter of our garden but sadly one of them a  large  beech tree at the top of the field has died due to a fungal infection in its roots. We contacted Lampeter Tree Services , who have  been to us before  to  cut a large branch off our Yew tree. They came and assessed the tree  and  then made arrangements for the electricity to be switched off on the day that the tree was to be felled,   as the power lines ran close to the tree.













It was all completed  without any mishaps at all. The tree was about 150 years old apparently and so it is  very sad that it had to come down.  The trunk was all cut up into manageable logs and the small branches were chopped up into wood chips. The Lampeter Tree surgeons worked  very hard  and completed the job   with efficiency and care. We now have a huge amount of logs at the top of the field which Jim has to bring down into our yard for storage for a year or two and then we will be able to burn it  and keep warm!

Quite an exciting couple of days!



2 Responses to “November 17 Lampeter Trees -Our Beech Tree”

  1. Hello Marianne,
    How exciiting. And all that wood for the winters ahead, once its seasoned. Where would we be without the chaps from Lampeter Tree services? Best wishes
    Julian and Fiona

  2. Marie Says:

    Plenty of firewood for many years to come!!!!

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