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2014 January 19th Happy New Year! January 19, 2014

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It’s a bit late I know to wish everyone a Happy New Year  but we’ve been busy just like everyone else on the planet! We have a special reason though for being extra excited at the start of a New Year. We are now extremely proud grandparents again. Our  daughter-in-law gave birth to twins last Sunday- a boy and a girl- all doing well but still in hospital  as the babes have to gain some more weight.  This  surely is the best present ever.

The wet weather and storms have put a damper (literally) on many people’s lives . We have had lots of rain  and wind but luckily no damage  unlike others who have really suffered  through flooding  and  other disasters. Yesterday to  have  a visit out  somewhere  dry we went to the Botanic Gardens. They make such a wonderful effort to have something interesting going on all through the year. In January entry is free through the week but £2 at weekend when something is on. Yesterday it was Wood Turning- very interesting and enjoyable. We were surprised to see the price of wood being sold  for turning.  Makes us want to store some of our felled tree just not for logs but for turning!




I loved these stick head best of all

I loved these stick head best of all



As this exhibition was taking place in the Great Glass house  we took the opportunity of walking around  and seeing all the plants that were in flower- it was all delightful and such a variety to see and enjoy.





In the gallery there was a display of meadow plants sewn in patchwork- beautiful!

In the gallery there was a display of meadow plants sewn in patchwork- beautiful!





 Below all copied from the Botanic Garden website:
Plants inspire patchwork show

Plants inspire patchwork show

Life, love, remembrance, food and medicine are just some of the themes of a new exhibition at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

The UK-wide Patchwork Meadow Project, described as ‘a Bayeux Tapestry for our times’, celebrates Britain’s extraordinary wealth of wildflowers through the medium of handicraft.


The Patchwork Meadow is the brainchild of the charity Plantlife and is part of a wider European project which aims to focus attention on conservation and our plant-rich landscapes as well as the importance these play in heritage, culture, and economy of rural areas.

Scores of contributors have embroidered, sewn, knitted and woven their individual ‘patches’ which have been put together to make an inspirational wildflower ‘meadow’ of fabulous fabric art.

From Scotland to Cornwall via Wales and the Midlands, people have been hard at work creating their 15cm-square material artworks – but there’s still time for you to join the project. To find out more, visit www.plantlife.org.uk/patchworkmeadow or call Plantlife on 01722 342730.

A selection of the unique Patchwork Meadow panels are on show in the Garden’s Gallery now and the exhibition runs until February 23


As  the exhibition runs until February 23 there’s plenty of time for all to see and enjoy it.

We are returning to the Botanics next weekend ( if we aren’t visiting the twins!)  as it’s the Food Fair.can’t miss that!


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