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February 5th 2014 Kingfisher by Pond February 5, 2014

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This morning  looking out of  the window  at the pouring rain and the trees bending over in the gusty winds   I saw a flash of blue over our pond.  It couldn’t be I thought….a kingfisher!  So all day I have been watching and waiting and by golly it is a KINGFISHER ! It perches on a small branch  which overhangs the water and it preens itself and looks down into the murky depths below…sadly there doesn’t seem much for it  to feed on as it  quickly takes flight and disappears down into the cutting by the hedge. I’m so excited!

Sadly the photo is very disappointing because it was taken through a window quite  some way from the pond…but honestly it is our very own kingfisher!  Maybe David Cowdry will paint a picture of it!

Kingfisher perching on branch

Kingfisher perching on branch




4 Responses to “February 5th 2014 Kingfisher by Pond”

  1. jacqueline wilkinson Says:

    Lucky you always wanted to see one. Hope he comes back again xx

    • lletty Says:

      I hope he comes back too. He’s been 3 times today so I am hopeful. Fingers crossed he’ll/she’ll be here when you come to stay.xx

  2. Marie Says:

    Your lucky to have your very own kingfisher. Hope he stays with you.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks Marie. I hope he stays too. Maybe if I add fish in our pond that will encourage him. There are lots of frogs and toads around so there’ll be spawn soon as long as it doesn’t get washed away! Kingfishers eat spawn don’t they?

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