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February 18 Log Splitter February 18, 2014

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A kind friend has lent us a log splitter to tackle the beech logs  from our felled tree that need cutting up. It is a fantastic machine and has made the log splitting task much easier, however, it has still taken us  days and days of work and there is still lots more to do!


This is the pile of logs left after three full days of work. The storms had blown the tarpaulins off so all the logs were not only very heavy to lift but soaking wet to handle too!


Jim caught his thumb in one log that jammed together and it needed me and a crowbar to sort it out!

However, after all this effort we now have logs cut and drying off for next year and hopefully a few years after that too!


The wood shed with first layer of logs…there are now nine more layers! Sadly I can’t take any photos as I left my camera out one night in all the rain…so of course it doesn’t work anymore. New camera is on the way though from Amazon…can’t wait!

Amongst all the logs were the most enormous spiders. Tricky things to photograph as they move so quickly when disturbed. Did you know:

The word ‘spider’ derives from the Old English word ‘spithra’, which means ‘spinner’. Spider webs have been used to heal wounds and staunch blood flow for many years .

I’ve never had a spider’s web on any of my cuts but I’ll try it next time!


Taken in the wood shed…he was a beauty!

To end on a prettier picture …these iris have been flowering their hearts out all through the storms and brightened up the  doorstep no end!




One Response to “February 18 Log Splitter”

  1. Marie Says:

    Excellent work Jim

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