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March 1st St David’s Day: Up , Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon! March 1, 2014

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Today a  damp, dreary and bleak St David’s Day morning on Llangadog Common turned into  a brilliant, spectacular occasion with  hot air balloons of all  colours taking off- one after another.


Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
Wouldn’t you like to glide in my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together, you and I
For we can fly



Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon

The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly





Really unexpected and exciting morning watching this lot prepare and the fly away. Mind you I wouldn’t go if I was offered a place in the basket…who would?!


Happy St David’s Day!


3 Responses to “March 1st St David’s Day: Up , Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon!”

  1. Marie Says:

    Thank you Marianne

  2. djwilki30@tiscali.co.uk Says:

    Always fancied going up in a balloon – don’t think I would though !! Looked a lovely day though xx


    • lletty Says:

      That could be your next birthday present from David …a trip in a hot air balloon! You are a brave one!

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