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November 2 Foodie Heaven Followed by Murder and Mystery November 2, 2014

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Visitors to Lletty Cottage  and  anyone in the area   may order cakes  for any occasion from Lisa  of Foodie Heaven , who lives in Llansadwrn. 07818 468020 . She makes wonderful, delicious cakes, tarts and pies also celebration cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, christening’s. There should be a photo following this of her  tasty  mince pies which are available now….unfortunately, we’ve eaten them all as they were just  so good! I bought them yesterday from Lisa  when I visited Llanwrda Craft Fair  where she had a stall. Just phone her for more information or details or send me an email:



Yesterday was also the Murder and Mystery Evening at Aberglasney. What a night for it…it just couldn’t have been better- with the wind howling through the trees, the branches banging on the windows  which were all  rattling in the wind! A wonderful time was enjoyed by all whilst they tried to solve the  who dunnit murder!  The history of Aberglasney and the whole building of the mansion was used to set the scenes  for the murder , even  taking all the ‘detectives’ up onto the first floor , which is usually shut off from visitors.  A splendid supper was laid on for the evening  as everyone pondered the clues that had been laid by the actors. Eventually the murder was solved  and the evening ended with the doors banging open and the howling wind entering the hall to blow everyone homewards.

Ah well back to reality  and the washing up!



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