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January 1st 2015 Wow! Frosty Morning and Sunny Afternoon in Mumbles January 1, 2015

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Gosh , it’s here, the New Year, and I love it. The new beginnings, the resolutions, spring round the corner- I start afresh  every year but will actually continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing for every year of my life so far…having a great life and enjoying every minute with family and friends!

This last week has seen some magic mornings with frost covered   garden and countryside.

P1050598-1Over the Pond Field where our two resident moorhens are sitting quietly waiting for the ice to melt!

P1050600-1 I love teasels so do the goldfinches!

P1050610-1View of the Carmarthen Fans  from the front garden

P1050627-1Totally different  weather at the Mumbles where we went in the afternoon for a wander along the beach and the pier..brilliant!

P1050635-1Mumbles lighthouse

P1050638-1Mumbles pier and the new lifeboat station at the end

P1050655-1The lifeboat station- a wonderful place to sit and relax in the sunshine and watch the fishermen, the sea and the boats sailing by.

P1050666-1Jim wouldn’t let me play with the remote controlled boats …next time though!

Hope your New Year’s day has gone well!


One Response to “January 1st 2015 Wow! Frosty Morning and Sunny Afternoon in Mumbles”

  1. Marie Says:

    We have had some beautiful frosty mornings and your photographs reminded me of that.
    Thank you. Must visit Mumbles again sometime soon. Happy New Year

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