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January 15 Our ‘Nesh’ Squirrels January 15, 2015

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Every morning come rain or shine I feed our birds. At this time of year it’s usually in the rain, cold or wind!

Last night and today it has been blowing hard and raining sporadically  but the birds have still come in their flocks  and enjoyed  their  feed. Usually after the  smaller birds  have eaten  the seed  off the  bird table the squirrels arrive ( last week there were six at a time!)  to have  their feed!

Today in the wind and rain  we noticed that our squirrels are ‘nesh’!!  (  after living in the Midlands for a number of years we heard this often ‘don’t be nesh!’  meaning…we think…don’t worry about the cold and wet!)

The squirrels all used their tails to keep their ears and head dry- how brilliant is nature to provide them with their own umbrella and scarf!




The best way to let the birds feed without being too bothered by the squirrels  is using the hanging   bird feeders  with nyjer seed for the goldfinches, siskins and green finches and the peanut holder for the tits, the nuthatches and wood peckers.   The bird table is definitely best for the robins, chaffinches, sparrows, blackbirds, jays and all the  LBJ’s and of course the squirrels and all their antics!



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