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February 3 2015 Treasure Hunt to Find Mick Sheridan’s Bench and Snowdrops February 3, 2015

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P1060085-1Such a beautiful , cold, frosty and bright  morning calls  out for a wintry wander to Abermarlais , which is just down the road from Lletty Cottage. Also having read Mick Sheridan’s Blog yesterday:


about  another of his  Guerrilla Upholstery wonders  where he has renovated and upholstered a riverside bench at Abermarlais – I felt it compulsory to find the bench and sit on it!

Abermarlais is a parkland area where there used to be a high quality mansion, which has been demolished. More information  from Cadw: http://www.dyfedarchaeology.org.uk/HLC/HLCTowy/area/area209.htm

P1060062-1 Although Jim ‘s knees are painful at present I pressed him into accompanying me on the walk.

P1060073-1 After a short stroll along the footpath we found the amazing bench, glistening in the sunshine  and surrounded on one side by  the icy running river and the other by  snuggling snowdrops in the grass.

P1060074-1Underneath we found the three ducks!

P1060078-1 To sit on the bench in the winter is just a delight.  Enjoying all the sights and sounds all around.  There were  treecreepers,  numerous tits, blackbirds, thrushes, nuthatches and squirrels and  all  the chatter of the birds mixed with the rushing of the river  round all the twists and turns and under the bridges.

P1060092-1Crossing the river by the little bridge gives a new view of the bench  sitting amongst the snowdrops.

P1060096-1We continued along the riverside walk   enjoying   seeing the amazing amount of snowdrops covering all the banks around.

P1060106-1 Nature’s own creations are the best! We love having the time to enjoy all these wonders and have them right on our doorstep…we are truly fortunate. To top  the perfect morning off Jim’s knees are no worse -hooray!




One Response to “February 3 2015 Treasure Hunt to Find Mick Sheridan’s Bench and Snowdrops”

  1. Hello Marianne,
    I love the sycamore leaf trapped in ice photo. Spectacular. And what a sense of fun the guerilla upholsterer has!

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