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February 18th Wild Creatures Home and Away February 18, 2015

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We had a splendid day out yesterday with our six year old grandson.  We returned to Folly Farm www.follyfarm.co.uk to revisit the penguins  and to see first hand how the lions are settling in!

P1060186-1 First though  our grandson proved a dab hand at milking the goat!

P1060197-1 Following on from the goats we entered the vintage fairground area- one of my favourite places – especially seeing Muffin the Mule!

P1060199-1  I remembered seeing  monster steam road rollers  as a child trundling along the road  and being late for school as I was fascinated by the noise, size and smell of these amazing vehicles.

P1060201-1Who else recalls screaming as the Waltzers whizzed round  and screaming even louder if you managed to dob the waltzer with your pop star on the front…I do!

P1060207-1At last we arrived at the penguin enclosure and they all were as smartly dressed as ever and enjoying the admiration of all the onlookers.

P1060213-1Giraffes in the middle of the Welsh countryside-brilliant!

P1060216-1At last- there they were in their vast enclosure a pride of lions….and the male lion did indeed look extremely proud and living up to his name as the King of the jungle!


P1060233-1           P1060234-1 love the teeth!

On returning home after a drive of  less than one and a half hours we discovered that two male  and one female  Mallard ducks had taken residency on our pond much to the annoyance of our two resident moorhens!


Our very own ‘lion look alike’ Rufus is growing up very quickly into a large kitten  in fact larger than Holly! Tomorrow he is having his first injection!




2 Responses to “February 18th Wild Creatures Home and Away”

  1. Lovely pictures of Folly farm Marianne…..and a lovely kitten. I am sure he is no trouble lol!

  2. Marie Says:

    I love looking at your photographs and seeing what you have been up to during the holidays. Keep them coming.

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