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April 19 Aberglasney Garden, Brooklands Trust Members Weekend in Wales and Flower Arrangements! April 19, 2015

Another beautiful day – we are being so fortunate  with this kind April weather  as it means everyone is able to get out and about and enjoy their lives. I  enjoyed today  volunteering as I do on a Sunday at Aberglasney Gardens. I  hardly ever pick flowers in my garden as I love to see them in situ , however, in Aberglasney, I am allowed to pick a few flowers every week to do an arrangement in the ladies loo and occasionally in the men’s loo too! Today there were so many marvellous  blooms to choose  from that I really couldn’t decide  and as I’ve just explained I prefer to see flowers growing rather than in vases!

I’m no florist but anyway I have  a go!

P1060905-1 The forget-me-nots were wilting before I’d finished!

P1060906-1Floating hellebores

P1060907-1 Hopefully this arrangement will last a while as next week I’m not going to the Gardens as my son and family are home from Canada for a holiday! The twins are now 16 months old so I’m very excited!!

Also in the car park  today were some  members  and  their  cars of the Brooklands Museum Trust . We’ve  visited Brooklands Museum in the past and it’s a  very worthwhile and fantastic  place to go and see if you’re in their area  :  www.brooklandsmuseum.com

Today the Trust  members were in their own cars on a Classic Tours of Wales weekend away. It’s all brilliantly  organised by a local company who have a Farm Guest House and they arrange everything.




P1060883-1Brilliant reflections today!


To round off a perfect day I’ve just ordered a new microwave to be delivered  on Tuesday…what a happy ending to another wonderful day in Wales!


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