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May 26 My! How the Babies Have Grown! May 26, 2015

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It’s ages since I’ve added a post in this blog as I’ve been busy having fun with my family on holiday here from Canada! They have now returned home  and the house is sadly  quiet without the sound of our twin 16 month old grandchildren scampering everywhere!

They have certainly grown since we saw them last year  and they have enjoyed playing in the garden and watching the lambs  racing everywhere and the Canada   Geese goslings  eating up all the grass!

P1060991-1 Looking through the gate onto the Pond Field  and keeping an eye on the lambs.

P1070153-1The Canada Geese goslings have also grown so quickly. The male goose has now flown off somewhere unknown and left the female goose to keep her six goslings under control. There were seven but sadly one has gone!

The moorhen also has chicks . We’ve counted five but they dash for the reeds as soon as they hear us so  unfortunately we haven’t any photos of them They are tiny balls of brown fluff which seems to hover on the water and disappear so quickly  they look as though they are magically propelled!

P1070160-1All the lambs are now a fair size and look quite sturdy. This doesn’t stop them  chasing each other around the pond every evening and having great games of hide and seek! The male lambs butt each other on their heads and mount one another and play typical boy games! The ewes come and bleat at them and tell them to stop mucking about  and get ready for bed but just as children have that mad half hour before bedtime lambs are just the  same!

The flowers in the garden are growing well but the late frost caught a number of plants including my wisteria which was in full bud and now all the buds are frosted and dropping off the stems.

Today the sun was shining and the visitors in the cottage were out enjoying the sunshine on the patio next to the azaleas which are really doing well….note to myself…plant more azaleas!!



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