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June 3 2015 Gardens Home and Away June 3, 2015


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to join a  delightful group of people from Llangadog Gardening Club on a coach outing to the Cotswolds. Although the weather was pretty bad on the way to the first garden the moment we arrived the sun popped out…what’s that saying….the sun shines on the righteous!!  Sezincote (  http://www.sezincote.co.uk  ) is an amazing garden with an equally amazing house with similarities  to Brighton Pavilion!  We had a wonderful  tour around the house  before roaming around the gardens and spotting other Indian features.

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 039-1

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 051-1

Later in the day we headed off to Hidcote Gardens http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hidcote/

Lawrence Johnston created this remarkable garden in a series of rooms and one can meander through the garden being overwhelmed  by the different views and feelings as you enter one ‘room’  and exit onto another vista. Colours blend in the borders  and  flowers weave  their way through one another  creating beautiful designs- it’s a stunning garden.

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 187-1 In keeping with the Arts and Crafts garden  this tree peony had the patterns and colours  just like those used by William Morris in his wallpaper /fabric designs.

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 204

After staying a night in the Ibis Hotel in Cheltenham http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-6900-ibis-gloucester/index.shtml

which was really good,  spotlessly clean, with tasty food and very pleasant staff- we headed off to Toddington  to the Garden Centre. They had a large range of garden equipment and healthy looking plants for sale…so I had to buy something…two frostfree pots  on sale £1.99 each…not bad!!

I nipped next door to visit the railway station which was charming- they sometimes have steam trains running through. http://www.gwsr.com/

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 213-1

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 217-1

Like all things in life it’s odd how the best things are always last! So too with our garden visits! I really enjoyed the first two gardens but Kiftsgate Court  Garden     http://www.kiftsgate.co.uk/     was outstanding!  Just too many oohs and aahs  to describe the place you’ll just have to visit yourselves!

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 252

2015 may twins garden visit reunion 273-1

Coming back home to a dreadful few days of wind and rain  my poor garden looked quite tattered. The sun came out today and  after a tidy up  bits of it look  much better and now I’m inspired  by my garden visits to create more borders and plant more flowers !

2015 june cwc garden cats 024-1

2015 june cwc garden cats 028-1

2015 june cwc garden cats 029-1

2015 june cwc garden cats 035-1

2015 june cwc garden cats 021-1Holly and Rufus decided to stay in the house and watch me garden through the window!


One Response to “June 3 2015 Gardens Home and Away”

  1. Marie Says:

    Love your photographs. My favourite is of the two cats looking at you through the window. Nonchalant is the word I would use to describe them. I think we should be more like those cats.

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