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September 14 The Adventures of Rufus! September 14, 2015

Rufus, our Maine Coon  kitten will be 1 year old next month and I can’t believe how much he has grown and become a real part of the family- except that is  for Holly!  I am sad to report that Holly and Rufus are not the best of friends and we have to keep them apart for feeding and sleeping!!

Holly, is  a normal, beautiful moggy, who  sleeps all day and night and enjoys a cuddle on the settee in the evening. Rufus thinks he’s a collie dog and bounds ever hopefully towards the sheep, who quite readily butt him away!

Part of our daily routine  is now taking Rufus for a walk around the garden and up the field, where he has many adventures, exploring the trees and everything growing above and below ground!


Trying to catch dragon flies

Trying to catch dragon flies

DSC00534-1 Pondering whether to climb this tree or wait until the larger lime tree appears!

DSC00538Not sure whether Rufus should be sniffing toadstools but this slug is getting  to grips with eating it in any case.

DSC00545At the base of our magnificent  lime tree before his decision to climb half way up and then fall off!

DSC00553-1Back to the willow tree for some easy climbing practice……

DSC00570-1before he ran off into the large willow tree copse  and climber higher and higher until the branches became too narrow so he had to learn how to reverse…not very elegantly!


The hips, haws, blackberries and sloes were all sniffed as we made our way to the top of the field.


Rufus liked sitting on Jim’s bench   looking back towards the house and the  Brecon Beacons hidden by low cloud before he set off at an incredible speed to the bottom of the hill again!


DSC00662-1    DSC00645-1       DSC00667

He roamed through the borders  until he reached the apple and crab apple trees where he had another  climb!

DSC00699-1DSC00697-1 DSC00701-1

The one tree he didn’t  try to climb- our Monkey Puzzle Tree!


At last he had worn himself and me out and settled  down  and tried to make pals with Holly!



One Response to “September 14 The Adventures of Rufus!”

  1. Marie Says:

    What a character Rufus is!! Quite a handful I would imagine and of course Holly is lovely too


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