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January 9 Popped into St Clears January 9, 2016

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Yesterday we popped into St Clears which is a small town on the western side of Carmarthen. Before the A40 dual carriageway was built the main road used to run through the town and as a child I used to visit the town when we were on holiday in  our caravan in Pendine.

We stopped for a walk around some of the interesting shops and had a delicious coffee in the art centre.

In 1842 one of the toll gates was destroyed in the town by the Rebecca Rioters and there is a commemorative installation  showing the event.


Alongside ‘the gate’ there was a beautiful display of spring flowers. Hope the forecasted cold weather next week doesn’t  spoil them  as they really were beautiful and lifted the gloom of another rainy day!


Further along,  the road crosses over the river Taf . The bridge has some unusual ‘boar’ features.

The wild boar is the emblem of St Clears but to the Iron Age Celts it was a symbol of strength. The image of the boar with its hackles raised adorned the weapons, shields and bodies of Celtic warriors. Wild boars were hunted locally and this practice is reflected in the appearance of Twrch Trwyth and the legendary hunt in the tale of Culhwch and Olwen. Images of this can be seen on the bridge over the River Cynin in Pentre Road. In the 19th Century the boar was adopted as the crest on the Seal of the St Clears Town Corporation and references are contained in local place names.” Text Source: (visit link) copied from

http://www.waymarking.com/ Wales


The boar emblem was also depicted on some fine  seating in the town.



A memorial to James  Ira Thomas ‘Taffy’ Jones D.S.O, M.C., D.F.C ,M.M.

stands in the centre of the town. The information boards  are excellent to tell you all the facts that one is interested in when visiting a ‘new’ town.


A very pleasant visit to a lovely town.


Hope I didn’t  ‘bore’ you!!



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