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January 16 Cold but Busy Day January 16, 2016

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At last,  we’ve  had a really cold day  with frozen bird baths, frosted windscreens, Jack Frost patterned windows and the most amazing views across to the totally snow capped Carmarthen Fans.  It is what winter is all about  and I’ve missed  in this mild  and wet winter not having  to get dressed up in warm cosy clothing    so today it was full scarf, gloves, toasty thick jumper and  thermal vest on day!

Suitably attired we drove to Llandovery for a walk round. We visited  a local charity shop and picked up some toys in readiness for the arrival of our two grand children who are coming to stay shortly.

2016 january 025-1 Such splendid bargains!

On our return  I lit the fire  so Holly and Rufus  could settle down  for their afternoon nap! 2016 january 030-1

I  made a coffee and sat down next to the cats   with the morning   paper where I was pleased to read that house plants are now back in fashion and how helpful they are to our living environment  (what a surprise!)  In our house they have never been out of fashion  and most windowsills and shelves have a plant  pot or two  balanced precariously on them!

2016 plants and picture 005-1

2016 plants and picture 009-1

2016 plants and picture 006-1Later the car had a wash down with the  by now unfrozen hosepipe and vision through the windscreen will once again be easier now the mud and gunge have been cleaned off!

A  squelchy walk to the veggie patch resulted in some fresh veg for dinner. I’m particularly looking forward to the kale and purple sprouting broccoli tonight! Delicious!

2016 january 028-1


2 Responses to “January 16 Cold but Busy Day”

  1. Marie Says:

    Yes Winter is here at last! Glad you had the chance to enjoy it. I was on the mid Wales line to Shrewsbury yesterday and when we were at a certain level the fields on each side of the train were covered in snow. Wonderful!

  2. lletty Says:

    You do get about! We love the Heart of Wales line and using the train in the winter means you see the wonderful scenery all around. I expect to see you starting a snow scene painting on Thursday!

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