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February 1 Bird Watch February 1, 2016

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IMG_8753-1All the birds were getting spruced up and rather argumentative  in preparation yesterday for the Great Bird Watch!

The seed, red pellets and sunflower were out on the bird table,  the coconut was swinging from the branch , the peanuts were in their cage and the niger seed was flying everywhere…such an expensive feed  and it mostly lands on the ground under the feeder!

Let counting commence!


The coconut hadn’t lasted as long as I’d hoped …mind you I’d eaten the other half!!

What bizarre things …coconuts!

february 1 2016 070february 1 2016 075

Spooky ‘faces’ on  a coconut- anyway the birds love them!


This is our white headed goldfinch. Not sure if it’s a juvenile bird but we had  a similar goldfinch last year!

IMG_8802-1IMG_8810-1IMG_8811-1IMG_8818-1IMG_8794A good turn out from my friends  for the count  but so many turned up  later for the party…typical!


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