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February 29 Extra Day , Extra News February 29, 2016

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Being Leap Year’s day I felt I had to make the most of  my bonus 24 hours. I’ve so much to do and so many plans that I really need  another 240 hours to get all my lists/jobs completed! This week I read that it wasn’t helpful to make lists ….I’d never survive without my lists and the satisfaction I feel when I can tick one of my jobs  completed is most gratifying…so I start another new list!

Great start today to see a hot air balloon flying right  across the  countryside in front of our garden.


Next news : the Canada Geese have arrived back on the pond.

DSC02333   DSC02335

Next news: Rufus is really an indoor cat…he’s far too nesh to go out when it’s wet,  damp or frosty. However, we had a day of warm sunshine and I took him for a walk in the Pond Field to see the Canada Geese …who were NOT impressed and promptly flew away together with a heron that was hiding in the rushes!

DSC02390 Rufus is not too impressed with my new garden arch that replaces the one blown over in the winter gales…I love it though!

DSC02398 DSC02405


Must get on with my lists now that Rufus has enjoyed his walk!


One Response to “February 29 Extra Day , Extra News”

  1. Marie Says:

    Yes, I think that lists are a good thing in order to get things done. I’m glad that Rufus enjoyed his walk or at least I think he did!

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